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FOX News
Nov 26, 2013 12:00am PST
called the performance culturally insensitive saying, quote, if you don't think katie perry was racist, let me ask you, what if she performed in a black face? they say they are unconditional worshipers of their men and that is bed. speaking of overly excited. >> you deserve it, stupid dog. andrew, good to see you on the show. i have an issue with this. is putting on white face the equivalent of putting on black face? this is new to me. >> i think we are taking back the face. >> we are? we are taking it back. >> katy is taking it back. i think we are so pale we don't need whoit face. what -- white face. those who are naturally pale and don't have pigment in their skin saw that and they said you don't have to be unconditionally loving, but you can just not see sun. >> brooke, was her performance racist or just annoying and awful? >> she didn't lip-sync so it was terrible. i love that -- are we having this segment all the time now? is this racist? i love it because it is every day the sensitivity police come out and tell us what we can and cannot think, what is offensive and what is not o
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2013 8:00pm EST
, and greece and italy. when it comes time to vote, they will realize, don't ruin a good thing. neil: you would think. a lot of liberal are not great at math, realizing the big return you get from having a competitive economy, a lot of u.s. firms have congregated there and started opening up shop in switzerland, they don't want to chase that away. but some social democrats in switzerland say it is not worth. surely the swiss population must see that is screwy. >> this is why i predict this will be defeated. switzerland is the fourth freest economy in the world, they attract a lot of investment not just banks major multinationals like nestles and schindler, they use switzerland as their location for european manufacturing, and involvement. whether they are u.s. firms or local swiss firms, the swiss people are not going to wreck that, i would hope they shouldn't, you could go back 6 years in the past -- 60 years in the past, and new york was our richest most prosperous state, and yet they have high taxes, they are losing jobs to other states. neil: you would look at france, and some other country
FOX News
Nov 11, 2013 1:00pm PST
's the real smackdown. not a one of these smackers is called taxes. you pay it. they just don't say it to washington and mike emanuel who is all over it. >> reporter: democrats want more tax revel knew as part of a double digit biehl and they include closing loopholes to increase money coming in as a way to do it. republicans prefer to cut spending in a smarter way across the board, cuts known as sequester, and would like to close loopholes as part of tax reform that would lower rates. so nobody is talking about striking a big budget deal because the two sides are very far apart. the word "tax" is a toxic word with the g.o.p. but fees or loopholes may be easier to swallow, and user fee is mine sound friendly. on the airline security fees the idea would be a flat $10 for a round trip flight. if you take three flights you'd only be charged for one initial screening. the administration would like it to be bumped up to 7.50 each way, which they estimate would bring in close to $26 million. the airline industry is not happy, making it more expensive to fly. and then there's fees at our n
Nov 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
for someone else's words. i don't know why he won't and doesn't admit that they took the words and took credit. this is something you learn in high school. why not remember the ruls and follow them. if you don't set up the words as borrowed, you're taking credit for them yourselves. that's unacceptable. david corn of mother jones and josh is founder of talking points memo. let's get to the evidence that senator paul has plagiarized. this book, "government bullies" complete with paul's picture and name on the top contains a large section lifted verbatim from a heritage foundation report. the copied second, 1318 words, is by far the most significant instance reported so far of paul borrowing language from other published material. well, the website buzzfeed went on to say there is a link to the heritage report in the back of his book but did not say the words were a direct lift. from page 132 of his book, quote, this prosecution also reveals the risks of federalizing criminal law. observers have long warned against allowing the federal government to encroach on the traditional state function of
Nov 4, 2013 10:00pm PST
, take credit for someone else's words. i don't know why he won't and doesn't admit that they took the words and took credit. this is something you learn in high school. why not remember the rules and follow them. if you don't set up the words as borrowed, you're taking credit for them yourselves. that's unacceptable. david corn of mother jones and josh marshall is founder of talking points memo. let's get to the evidence that senator paul has plagiarized. this book, "government bullies" complete with paul's picture and name on the top contains a large section lifted verbatim from a heritage foundation report. the copied second, 1318 words, is by far the most significant instance reported so far of paul borrowing language from other published material. well, the website buzzfeed went on to say there is a link to the heritage report in the back of his book but did not say the words were a direct lift. from page 132 of his book, quote, this prosecution also reveals the risks of federalizing criminal law. observers have long warned against allowing the federal government to encroach o
Nov 19, 2013 12:35am PST
their kids said, so seprate thanksgiving? [ laughter ] i don't know if you guys went to the movies this week i hope you saw "the best man holiday." it had great big weekend. $30 million at the box office, wow. yeah, it's pretty good for a movie mo people thought was ju an ad for old navy. see the poster [ laughter ] [ applause ] people were freang out over this yesterday. during the game tween the jacksonville jaguars and the arizona cardals, jaguars defensive end jasobabin was making a tackle. and cty ripped out a good chunk of another player's ir eck it out. ♪ >> look at this, jason babin. they're playing tough. he comes out with a handful of andre ellington'hair. [ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: think i speak for everyone when i say i hope that hair came fread. [ lauger ] [ apause ] >> i don't knoif that was a football game or a "real housewives" reuon. [ laughter ] that's my weave. at's my weave! heard that hallmark will start selling a new line of christmas cards thateature the cast of "duck dynasty." which explains that one card thatays, to my cousin, will you marry me? [ laught ] [ applau
FOX News
Nov 13, 2013 7:00pm PST
of what you have heard today? why don't you surmise what you have heard in the last couple of days? >> this is one of the greatest management break downs one could find. we had the chief information and technology people working for the president on this signature project and to a person they would not take responsibility. in fact, when questioned they couldn't name the person who was responsible for this failure to launch and one of the individuals, mr. chow, implied there wasn't a failure. that it sort of worked. of course he wasn't one that got in or 240 that managed to sign up by the second day. i guess he doesn't know what failure is. >> let's go to some of the risk issues. >> the fact they launched it with navigators with no criminal background checks, we learned there was a memo issued and they found prior to the launch two memos and it said the threat and risk potential to the system is limitless. limitless. he never saw the memo? he's the chief project manager? congressman jordan, how is that possible? >> i think what's more scary is someone did see it. someone knew this s
Nov 4, 2013 6:00am EST
be thinking -- "than, don't you need money to be successful in real estate?" you see, that's one of the biggest misconceptions. in fact, take this house behind me. this is a house i flipped with none of my own money, and i made $38,000 on using a private lender. and one of the things we're gonna teach you at the event is how to find private lenders in your area who are willing to loan you money on real-estate deals that you find. >> after attending this training event, i can tell you i now know exactly where i'm gonna get more money to do more deals. >> announcer: if you're looking to make more money and take control of your personal and financial future, then get ready, because than merrill, the star of a&e's hit tv show "flip this house," one of the most successful real-estate investors in the country and america's number-one real-estate-investing expert has one heck of an opportunity for you. than is hosting a one-of-a-kind free two-hour real-estate wealth-building workshop where you will learn his three-step system for getting started flipping homes and buying and holding inc
FOX News
Nov 17, 2013 7:00pm PST
say organizing libertarians is like -- >> don't let anybody tell you it is easy. >> more young people are saying. >> i own my labor and my property. when people try to control people it is bad. >> the rise of libertarians. that's our show tonight. >> and now, john stossel. >> what the help is libertarianism? i didn't know when i started reporting. i was just one more liberal. i knew there were republicans and democrats and that was closer to us college students and there was crazy people. but i had no idea there was an actual movement of thinking people who want to have a principle as a founder liberty and limited government. who knew. took me a long time to wake up. the good news is more people have woken up and most americans think the government is doing too much. good. after i woke up to the stupidity and destructiveness of ch big government i stumbled across this libertarian magazine it's motto free minds and free markets. this is what it taught me most about the benefits of liberty. the editors are jik gill leprosy and matt welch. >> i think we should start talking about the lib
Oct 31, 2013 11:00pm PDT
told me all those remarks were -- his office told me those remarks were taken out of context. i don't know how you take those remarks out of context. we put up the whole videos. >> i think context is the right question to use here. wayne slater, this question. if this guy gets further in terms of power on the right wing, senator cruz, if he gets higher -- he's pretty high right now. up along with rand paul. people will say how come we didn't know this about his father. i think people want to know about it. they'll say it's not fair to talk about a family member. i think he's more than just a family member based on what i'm seeing here. he's out in the political arena himself. he wasn't dragged into the political arena. he wasn't simply an embarrassing relative like ronald nixon or billy carter. he went into the political arena. he chose to have us listen to him and now we are. your thoughts, wayne. who is he and what role does he play? >> david's got it exactly right. i've spent time with rafael cruz on the road with ted cruz. he is very, very, very close to his son in every way tha
Nov 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
can't be the leader of it? >> i don't think it -- i don't think an independent candidate can possibly win a three-way race. if you think about it. you run a three-way race and translate to a morality of the electorial college vote. get to the house where each state gets one vote and republicans have 30 odd delegations. it's a virtual yule impossibility for the presidency. what i wish that americans elect would do is say instead of trying to get candidates to run or path and run for a job that is impossible for them to win is encourage independent candidates. people who are ceo or university presidents, community leaders to run as independents for the house and for the senate. >> yeah. >> there is nothing wrong with the senate that three or four legitimately independent senators could fix. it could go a long way. there's a structure barrier on the presidential side. there simply can't be -- >> you agree. >> that was sort of -- trying to finish my thought. that's what i'm shocked at. what where the 2014 candidates? it would be so easy -- i look at my home state of florida and w
Nov 11, 2013 4:00pm PST
resonates. if they vote that down, they're losing hispanic voters and i don't care who the candidates are. they can vote on a jobs bill. >> well, i hope you agree with my point. the reason they don't want to do that, it forces them to choose between the haters out there who don't want immigrants and what the president is pushing. >> absolutely. but make them vote on that. you know, they're attacking the affordable care act, and you're right. the affordable care act polls better when it's called the affordable care act than it does when it's called obama care. but make them vote on a jobs bill. and another distinction. 41 times the republicans in the house have wasted the nation's time voting to repeal the affordable care act. but they haven't passed a jobs bill. keep sending them jobs bill and make them vote on that. >> i agree with that. yeah. anyway, what i want to do is just change the conversation. because we're not going to get a report card on obama care on health care through november 30th or march. this is going to be an endless, endless woodpecker thing. the governor mentioned vo
Nov 6, 2013 7:00pm EST
points by moderates. they keep relearning the same less some, but they don't absorb it. and i don't think they're going to absorb it. >> i think the definition of a zealot who after they lose said if they'd only done more. cuccinelli was the problem from day one. instead of saying we blew it by running too extreme they say the moderates didn't back the extremists. therefore it's moderate's fault. >> why are they so zealous? they hate rino. >> describe what that is. >> that's a republican in name only. they think the people that are bringing the republican party down. >> so the guy running for reelection in trenton should have gone down to richmond to campaign for the other guy. and since he didn't, it's his fault. >> the people who are the problem with the party didn't help. so that's the problem. cuccinelli, we talked about this last night, was about as good a tea party candidate as you can get. he had statewide name recognition. he's been working in virginia for years. and even so, he couldn't beat terry mcauliffe who i think is a rather tainted democratic nominee. so you can't blame th
FOX Business
Nov 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
to go? several republicans incding me have said that, i don't think any democrats have said. but you are seeing some khinks in thagin the armor. neil: do you think this thing, as we know it, the is dead? this law between the sloppy roll t, prohibited prices for folks, a lot of folks who are switching, it is not wit ready r primetime, they will start over or democrats fighting tooth and nail? >> well, i would certainly not y it is clear that it's either dead or up for major revisions, there is a lot of rhetori talk and promises, but no major changes to the law, the left is still dug in over it i don't think we can declare that victory now, at all. but this law certainly bed on roll out is trouble. neil: reality is, many folks are pang more, about 4 milli fewer americans he coverage since before the law became the law, now reports out yesterday, continuing today, tens of millions of americans on corpore plans might be jettisoned or placed intoublic exchanges a year from now. that does not sound like a law that is sor of picking up steam or helping people more. >> no, it is gone from ba
FOX Business
Nov 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
. neil: you don't know how many times i practiced that. i am neil cavuto, your own crew, says sorry captain, we' of wantf this sinking ship. tell your passengers that you were full of ship, you never factored in something like an iceberg. you betr ice this health care disaster before it sinks the rest of the country with it. key democratic lawmakers meeti with the president at the white house, pleading for him to day a health care law that is taking on a lot of water of, a lot of problem, souch so they beg their captain to turn it back now. but he said, it's t late. no. forget the icebergs ahead. full steam ahead. if i were you, iould look for a dinghy just saying this thing, is not looking pretty. to john paul dejour said look at the bright side. if you tumble into water he has a lot of hair products that will have your hair bubbling. what do you make of this? members of team brought i are abandoning ship? >> the democrat from alaska said, bad enough, and embarrassing enough that the president could not keep his promise but they are not doing anything to fix it right now. this hit
FOX Business
Nov 21, 2013 11:00pm EST
healthcare law once and for all. the young won't touch it because it is clear they don't like it. remember they are the very oxygen needed for it the source of funds insurance companies say they need to swing it let's say the young avoid it. how does the white house make up for revenues they are not getting for it? it could raise taxes, but that is n happening soon, so they could just bailout insurance companies like we did the banks, they like the banks, not unthinkable in particular if we're in a full-fledged financial meltdown with that law. what all this is getting at, i am getting at is this, those who push this will do anything to avoid the feed on this, that means they will do anything and everything to save the law. not only because it is the law, buzz because if you think about it, it is their law, tir cause, their crowning achievement, do not assume the hiccups meantime is up, and this unaffordable health care act is going down. what is playing o now is dangerous different transaction over who knew -- distraction over who knew what and when, we should be focussing on the secret b
FOX News
Nov 20, 2013 1:00pm PST
of execution, if you will, to stay on the old rate base. preexisting conditions don't matter because they are covered already. >> right. >> but they don't have the new mandates and so forth. but they also have the policy these people chose. and it's more affordable. these people also, if they want to do early renewal have the option to go to obamacare if they want to. nobody was prohibiting them from doing it. it was the customer's option. so i think that some people were offered the early renewal, which gets people to the end of 2014 anyway, that's where most of these insurance commissioners are going to stay. but your point that not moving people into the new pool underminds the fiscal intelling yi at this of the pool, you don't get all these healthy people moving into the new pool is a good one. you have got to get everybody into the obamacare pool in order to help make the obamacare pool sustainable. that's going to be the president's objective ultimately. >> that's a big problem. >> yes. big problem. >> we are going to be exploring that in more detail on fox business why young p
Nov 7, 2013 3:00am PST
here. i don't see it as a burden. you got to have a huge ego to say oh, please it's a burden for you speculating on me to be the leader of the free world. that's a pretty huge ego to be complaining about that. it's complimentary and i'm flattered. >> good morning. it's thursday, november 7th. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set -- >> you introduce and i ask. >> no, no. >> i'll ask that question. >> no. >> you can take all the time you want. >> no. >> i'm going jump straight to it. chris christie, we love him. he's wallowing in this. you did this. i love that zoom in. like that 1972 candidate. >> chris christie represents all the hopes and dreams. >> just answer the question now. just shut up now. come on. >> political talk, just stop it. answer the question. answer the question, if you will. if you were managing chris christie, would you tell him to wallow in this just a little bit? >> he's not. >> i don't anybody manages chris christie. >> okay. >> but i think that to make sure that this moment is about a rise to national prominence, about a rise to winning national elections h
FOX Business
Nov 1, 2013 8:00pm EDT
with that or not. but i don't see how he does not know that. neil: that is what worries me the most. because if you take that at face value, it means that there's a government going on with freewheeling spies doing their thing, oblivious to or in contempt of, you know, the president of the united states and that is a little unsettling. >> harry truman needs to have the famous plaque on his track that the buck stops here. certainly not with the president who seems never to know about anything. but looking at kathleen sebelius, she still has a job after this big bungle. the bosses away and the cats are going to play. >> the president might be perfectly innocent in his own right, but the staff is running roughshod on him and not only on him by the constitution. >> there's a question as to how engaged the a's. an article about how he likes to invite columnists over to the white house to discuss their columns and viewpoints and sometimes this goes on for 2.5 hours and not sound like a lot of fun. i think i would like to do that and that is not governing. that's not the president of the united states sho
FOX Business
Nov 6, 2013 10:00pm EST
beaxed a 25% and a split decision and the moral of the secession movement is that at first you don't succeed, try again. and likely to be reduced, voters rejecting a 200 million-dollar reovation. you can also smoke pot in portla, maine. and it is a legl recreational activity. and las vegas casinos, in some cases a lack of moderation we will see what both partiessmake of that and whether there is room for a third view next ear and in 2016. >> joining us now toake up the implicationsor both parties, we are joined by jlie buzynski and a "new york post" coluist. good to ave you both with us. let's start with you, a remarkable win for governor chris christie. >> it becomes even more amazing, chr christie who everyone thinks is a good moderate -- he could e both, right? lou: he called himself a conservative. >> but he got 92% of the tea party vote in the polls and that is amazing. >> particularly with some of the things that he said about the tea party. >> a lot of the demoatic core constituents and many of them won by 59-point lou: there was a 19-point increase aswell. >> this is uttin
FOX Business
Nov 13, 2013 8:00pm EST
and fitch and don't seem to care and you assume that your customers are at 32-inch waist and chiseled chest. let's just say fat chance. let's also say very good chance. >> it's great to be with you. you are right on par with your analogy. this will cost a lot more money and the will be the one to come around and more the system won't have an increased capacity. >> you're going to make an analysis by paying the penalty. >> you know, legislation was passed. >> it's like he didn't even have to take it, but he's covered because of the law. this is another thing and it's going to go on and on. the sign-up sunk the titanic. neil: it was not all that it was cracked up to be, i will tell you. and particularly, they are saying i told you so, i told you so. everything would play out. >> and then the notion that the butter knife needs to be taken to all entitlements. >> you think that he knew this when he was not up to speed. >> you were governor. and a very special governor. people are taking initiative with something you are doing and it wasn't going to go as planned. they are afraid to tell the emp
Oct 31, 2013 11:30pm EDT
. (laughter) now, i don't want to be a wet blanket and ruin the celebration for the boston red sox and their fans and so forth but isn't red sox offensive to native american hosiery makers? >> paul: yes, i would say so! >> dave: i mean, if you think about it? >> paul: absolutely, because -- (laughter) >> dave: and, speaking of good sports, earlier today the new york yankees released this congratulatory message for the red sox. take a look at this. >> the new york yankees would like to extend heart felt congratulations to their arch rivals, the boston red sox, on their eighth championship? 109 years. we'll match our 27 championships in the year 2271. good luck, fellas. see you at the ballpark. (applause) i thought that was very nice. i don't know. i guess i'm alone in this but it's halloween and i don't care anymore about halloween. (laughter) i mean, i go through the motions like most things in my life but i just don't care. earlier tonight the little kiddies came around and i -- you know, i gave it frozen turkeys.r i don't even know what i was giving out. by the way, let's turn on
Nov 5, 2013 6:00am EST
the scene and let the merchants get back in and prepare it for reopening. we don't know yet about tomorrow. all of this, of course, coming on the cusp of the holiday season. guys. >> and after kenya and everybody was worried about the mall, the lone guy in the mall is everybody's biggest fear, obviously. and -- >> yeah. they may say they don't know how the guns got in -- >> yeah, i don't see any way of stopping it if someone wants to bring a -- you know, it's a free country. that's one of the downsides to being in the united states, i guess, is that -- >> yeah. that's -- >> down side to freedom. >> that said, joe, we talked to security officials after the kenya attack, you'll remember. and a lot of them said that the perimeter is supposed to be well out into the parking lot. but they're supposed to be looking for people who are coming in, looking for people exhibiting any signs. and, clearly, if this gun was not concealed, there will be questions about where they didn't catch it. because it's not just once you get into the doors of the mall, it's the parking lot and actually beyond that. >
Nov 5, 2013 1:00pm PST
, they don't know me, they haven't been paying attention. >> reporter: we spent the day with the governor as he shook a few final hands and reflected on what the republican party can learn from his campaign. he is polling well here and it's anticipated he may make inroads with traditionally democratic voters, women, minorities. >> you've obviously been talking about this in terms of a lesson for the republican party nationally, not just a new jersey lesson. you're hoping for democrats, independents, women, minorities, groups that the republican party has been struggling with state-wide. >> it's certainly been my goal for the last four years, you know, and i think one of the mistakes our party has made is that we go six, eight, anyone months before an election and start to talk to groups that haven't normally been, you know, supportive of us and say how about looking at us now, and i think those folks are rightfully suspicious when you do that. so we have been working -- >> african-americans? >> african-americans, hispanics, folks who have not normally been in the republican column. you ne
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
couldn't right now >> all right. television repairman. ultimate set of tools. i can fix it. melissa: don't you feel like this is what we're getting too with obama care? everyone and their mother thinks they have the answer. give three 20 somethings, three days and amissing what they can do. everyone is talking about the guys you're about to meet. they went off built their own version of the health care website, in their spare time by the way, for fun. the kicker? it works. here in a fox business exclusive are the three men. thanks for joining us. let me start with you. why did you guys decide to do this? where did you get the idea? >> sure. we were trying to buy a health plan for ourselves. we have our own companies and looking to see if we can save money for our plans. when we went to the health exchange website, took us 45 minutes to see prices. we figured most people would lose their patience at that point. there has to be a better way to show the choices and options out there. melissa: george, is this a stunt? do you guys have, is there a political message behind this? are you trying
FOX News
Nov 13, 2013 9:00pm PST
,000. as for the state-run exchanges that have been working better less than 80,000 signed up there. we don't know how many, if any of the people have paid for the plans as opposed to saying they want them and putting them in the shopping cart. meantime tax-pair funded health care is popular. the medicaid roles spiking by nearly 400,000 people. look at the disparity there. the biggest number of all, now more than 5 million americans who have lost their health insurance despite president obama's pledge that if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, period. now those 5 million and maybe more have roughly 30 days to find something or they will start the year without any coverage at all come january 2014. marc thiessen is a former speechwriter for president george w. bush. put the numbers from perspective for us. >> the white house bragged today that 27 million people visited health since the launch. 27,000 have signed up. that's a fail rate of .1%. kathleen sebelius had the nerve to say the marketplace is working. if they were in a real marketplace and they had that kind of sales rate
Nov 18, 2013 4:00pm PST
. and here's what the sheriff had to say just a short time ago. i'm told we don't have that sound. but erin, i'm also told we do have now 911 tape recording of the call from george zimmerman girlfriend as she called in, in a very aggravated state at the time when she was describing to authorities that george zimmerman had pointed a shotgun at her, barricaded the door behind her. >> 911. >> i need police right now. >> okay. what's your address. >> you're the one breaking stuff in my house! >> ma'am? what's going on? >> he's in my house breaking all my [ bleep ] because i asked him to leave. he has a freaking gun breaking all my stuff right now. i'm doing this again. he just broke my glass table. you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the [ bleep ] out because this is not your house. now get out of here. >> reporter: and authorities say that was the voice of samantha, the girlfriend of george zimmerman. this was her house where this altercation took place. and the investigators are telling us that george zimmerman they believe had been living at this location since august. er
Nov 24, 2013 10:00pm EST
are more circumspect than those who have never fought. is it a prerequisite? i don't think it is. it's useful to have many people involved and the idea of having civilians an important distinction, even when we elect a general like dwight eisenhower, we elected him as a civilian. you see other countries led by generals, they're autocracies, totalitarian regimes so i'm worried about having an active duty military person. i think our tradition is good that we separate the civilians from the military. >> thank you, sir. >>. [ applause ] >> this will be our last question. >> senator paul, on the subject of holding the current administration accountable? do you think we should pursuit benghazi? and if yes, how much do you think there should be? >> yes. it's my opinion. and this is an opinion that needs to be supported by interviewing those involved. it is my opinion that i cannot believe that a military commander did not send reenforcements. i fully believe that in benghazi, a politician was involved, won't name any names. but i think someone was involved in that decision. there was a lot
Comedy Central
Nov 8, 2013 12:00am PST
>> s that it for the report everybody, don't forget to vote for the people's choice captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh ( cheers and applause ) cheaper it's 11:59 and 59 seconds. we have a picture of america's favorite teen idol and brazillion prostitute favorite customer-- allegedly, justin bieber, sleeping like an ainge nel a bed. this is a picture from a screep crooepy "i am watching you sleep "video. there is 15 seconds of it which has five million views on youtube. everything i've ever put on youtube does not equal five million views. and i love he probably said will you make sure my hat is next to me when you tuck me in bed. maybe she's not a prostitute. maybe they just had sex and she found money immediately afterwards. for all we know this could be a kimmel prank. this could be a prank in the next shot you see kimmel waving to the prostitute. comedians, what i would like you to do is please live tweet the dream justin bieber is having in this video. baron vaughn. >> i had a nightmare that anne frank was for sure
Nov 16, 2013 4:00pm EST
implementing his grand plan. in the western theater, he had two commanders. a man named hallick and don carlos buel. and he was trying to get these two generals in the fall of 1961 to push into kentucky and later into tennessee, but he can't get them to act. he complains about, my generals won't do anything. this is lincoln saying the same thing about mcclellan and other generals as well. and lincoln has also by this time got his own ideas about the war. he wants to push the south at a whole bunch of different points and he's writing about doing this, but again, this is very much similar to what mcclellan is saying. the problem is, the generals have a plan but they won't act. well, finally, in february of 1862, some of the union generals decide they should do something. and ulysses s. grant and flag officer foote in the army take donaldson on the tennessee and cumberland rivers. this is very critical here, because this breaks apart the confederate cordon defense, their defensive system in the west. it completely comes apart. here's where braxton bragg enters the picture. what follows in the co
Nov 26, 2013 6:00am EST
&p futures up by 1.5 points. joe mentioned there are a few tests for the markets today, so why don't we take a look at the calendar on the economic side. we'll get the s&p case-shiller index-home prices for september at 9:00 eastern time. later, the consumer confidence number is released for september. we were originally speccing housing starts at 8:30 eastern today. permits will hit the tape, but the government is delaying the starts and completions again. they are still blaming the shutdown for this. the commerce department now plans to share that information on december 18th. >>> we go from the economy to earnings. this morning's horts include hormel, tiffany's, and barns & noble. >>> also, other market related news, takeover premiums are shrink to go historic lows. "the wall street journal" reports more than 9300 deals and so far this year the average premium has only by 19% of a target the week before. that compares to a historic average of 30%. among those factor tos are booming economy, a worry interest rates will rise. market vaum is an issue. you have to look in two different places
FOX News
Nov 14, 2013 3:00pm PST
. the reason is clear. >> the system will automatically sign them up for medicaid even if they don't want to be on medicaid. >> once you determine income level, you don't have to determine subsidies. they don't pay premiremembeprem >> which is easier than getting paying customers there the malfunctioning website. >> it's not surprising that a lot more people are willing to sign up for a free medicaid program than to sign up to pais hefty premiums for private insurance plans. >> that's one reason the administration was relying on ed cade expansion by 9 million. the supreme court said the administration didn't have the power to force states to expand medicaid. the administration tried to entice states to expand coverage offering to pay 100% of cost three years and 90% after that. >> the new law makes money available, 100% of the cost of the newly eligible people. when those sign up, there's no extra help for those folks. this is got to hit the state budgets and could hit hard. >> this miens the cost to the taxpayer is extraordinarily high. remember with medicaid there's virtually no copay,
FOX News
Nov 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
't working right they don't necessarily know it. it's a small group of folk who is may be disadvantaged but it is scary for them. i'm sorry they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> host of power play on fox live. chris, what do you make of that? >> it's not much of an apology. it's apologyish. he's sorry people find themselves in this situation based on essentially misinterpreting what he said. that they could have been clearer -- he and his team could have been clearer. but he didn't go to the core issue here. the apology. he wasn't facing torkamada in the questions. the point here is yours. a willful decision to hide an internal, ideological choice to blow up millions of insurance plans. they withheld that from the american people during an election. the president was asked are you sorry about misleading people. he said, i'm sorry if people are in a situation as if he's a bystander. >> a passive voice. like i can't believe this happened. i'm not sure how it happened, but he didn't take responsibility for making it happen by the mi
Nov 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
leaders like your next governor, ken cuccinelli. therveths don't come better than chris christie. >> they try to discern things. >> there are very real consequences when you operate ideologically. >> does ted cruz stand out to you? >> put five red necks on a mower. >> i'm being unfairly targeted by a bunch of hacks and haters. if dueling were legal in kentucky it would be a challenge. >> the last five years have not been a great time. >> a jumble of unfocused noise out of touch with the things you care about. ♪ like a song you hear that lingers in your ear ♪ ♪ but you can't forget from sundown ♪ ♪ >> this week marks one year since the 2012 presidential election and if this is the annual checkup, it's largely the president's health care law that's going through a major stress test. and right now, the white house is reaching out for support in the face of continuous oh criticism of the law and its rollout. later this evening, the president will speak about the benefits of health care reform at an organizing for action event. and later this week, he'll travel to texas to t
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